Sushi Conveyor System

We provide the most suitable design for your restaurant.  Our several types of conveyors definitely can match with your concept.  We manufacture and install your conveyors anywhere all over the world.


EX-Speed Lane & EX-Order Belt System

Combinning of EX Speed Lane and EX Order Belt give free design and succeeded the efficiency of usage.


Touch Panel Ordering System

Touch Panel Ordering System help increasing the customer satisfaction due to decrease of misheard order.  In addition, you can cut labor cost and even advertise your menu with beautiful pictures to your customer.


Plate Washing Machine

Plate Washing Machine can wash plates up to 1800pieces/hr.  You can take off the washing brush easily without tool and it help keeping clean inside of it.


Counting Machine

Ai-Check’s very unique design and very accurate, speedy checkout system improves customer satisfaction and overall service.


Smart Delivery & Carry System

Large items of food and drinks can be delivered to each table smoothly.Only our sophisticated lane which are all flat between table and lane is enabled to deliver food safely.